Military Service

U.S. Navy JAG Corps

  • U.S. Navy JAG Corps, Commander, Ret. 2008
  • Navy JAG Corps. (2505), Honorable Discharge 1982
  • Naval Legal Service Office, Naval Operations Base, Norfolk (Virginia)
  • Naval Legal Service Det., (TAD) Guantanamo Base (Cuba)
  • Naval Legal Service Det., (TAD) Navy Yard, (South Philadelphia)
  • Naval Justice School, Newport (Rhode Island)

U.S. Marine Corps

  • U.S. Marine Corps, Infantry (0311)- Honorable Discharge 1976
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Hague (Okinawa)
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Hansen (Okinawa)
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Margarita, SD (California)
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (North Carolina)
  • Boot Camp, MCRD- Parris Island (South Carolina)

Navy JAG

  • Prosecutor
  • Special Assistant United States Attorney (Prosecutor)
  • Defense Counsel
  • Administrative Discharge Attorney
  • Command Services Attorney

Marine (0311)

  • Infantry (Pride of the Marine Corps)
  • -Grunt
  • -Ground pounder

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