Chuck Smith on the Republican Pledge

Chuck Smith on the Republican Pledge

“It’s a start,” says Chuck Smith, candidate for the 3rd Congressional District of Virginia, reacting today to the Republican Party’s newly released “Pledge to America.”

“America is off course because politicians in both parties have lost their moral compass, and strayed from the path set out by our Constitution,” he continued.  “This pledge is the recognition, by one party, that it’s time to get our ship back on course.”

Based on 1994’s “Contract with America”, this Pledge outlines five areas of concern, and spells out the Republican solutions. Areas include job creation, budget restraint, health care reform, national security, and government accountability.

Specific proposals include low taxes, lower federal spending, smaller government, and posting all legislation online for 72 hours prior to a vote.

Taking responsibility for their own role in the current economic situation, Republicans admit that “federal spending has grown too much over the last decade.”

Smith is already on the record supporting many of the proposals in the Pledge, including cutting federal spending, keeping taxes low, reducing regulations that hurt small businesses, and readdressing health care reform to truly reduce costs.

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