Happy 223rd Anniversary, U.S. Constitution

Happy 223rd Anniversary, U.S. Constitution

My fellow Virginians, Americans, Patriots all!

Today, September 17, is the anniversary of the day in 1787 when our U.S. Constitution was signed.  Delegates at the constitutional convention in Philadelphia signed the draft charter, which was then sent out for ratification by the states.

The U.S. Constitution is a monument to the vision of our founding fathers.  Not only did they conceive the greatest nation in the history of our earth, but they laid down a simple outline for us to maintain it.  Every federal and state official, in all three branches of our government, takes an oath to preserve, protect, and defend this document.

Today, we live in troubled times.  Our children, educated in government-run schools, do not learn our history.  Our communities no longer hold dear the American values that made this nation great.  Our elected officials do not know their boundaries, and threaten, through their ignorance, to destroy all that our forebears worked, and died, to build.

On this day – in tribute to the statesmen, the farmers, the shopkeepers, and the thinkers, who put pen to paper to give us the guidelines we need to successfully continue this endeavor – let us all renew our commitment to the meaning of our Constitution, and the vision for America enshrined within its words.

Happy Anniversary!

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