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Attorney General of Virginia

Experienced and Driven for Success

As you know, Morals, Values and Principles are the hallmark of the Party of Lincoln, the Party of vision, values and faith. I welcome everyone to this year’s Republican Advance.

  • 36+ Years as Attorney and Counselor at Law

  • Former Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia Beach

  • Born on the 4th of July

U.S. Marine Corps (0311) Infantry 1972-1976
U.S. Navy JAG. Commander (2505) Ret. 2008
(26 years combined military service, active, inactive, and reserve)

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“Nowhere is the Constitution more relevant than it is here today. Nowhere are the rights of the people more relevant than they are here today. Even during the civil war, the voices of many of the people were aligned with the drastic interposition and change by the executive, the legislative and judicial branches of government; whereas, here now, the voices of majority of the people and as seen by their votes state by state, ballot by ballot and referendum by referendum do not align with the desire to alter the rights of many and the fundamental pillars of the Constitution for sake of the desires of a few.”

Chuck Smith

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  • 13.03.16


  • 27.02.16

    Anti-Trump onslaught begins

    Anti-Trump, onslaught, Trump
  • 26.02.16

    Gingrich: Trump here to stay, old guard repudiated by ‘their own voters’

  • 30.01.16

    Virginia Republicans abandon plan for loyalty oath in March 1 primary

    loyalty pledge, republicans
  • 11.01.16

    Trump’s Virginia Campaign Supporters hearing set for Wednesday, January 13, 2016 against state GOP in the Richmond, Virginia federal court

    Donald Trump, GOP, Pledge
  • 06.01.16

    3 Pastors who back Trump sue to block loyalty pledge in VA Primary

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Anti-Trump onslaught begins

Anti-Trump onslaught begins

And so it begins. But we shall stand firm and stand correct by not being politically correct and call them out- one by one, and ready ourselves with against those who would want to keep their...
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